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How To Complete Anti Raiden Shogun Training In Genshin Impact

To complete the Archon quest "Chapter II: Act III Omnipresence Over Mortals", you must complete a special training against Shogun Raiden. To successfully prepare for the future battle with the Electro Archon, you should first study her tactics, with which Yae Miko, the familiar of the goddess, will help the Traveler.

What to do if your Account got hacked in Genshin Impact

Hacking accounts in games is an extremely unpleasant phenomenon and, unfortunately, not uncommon. It's not always easy to figure out what to do if your Genshin Impact account is stolen. It is especially difficult to collect one's thoughts if it was very dear to the owner and a lot of time and effort was invested in it.

Unattributed Ramen Voucher in Genshin Impact

Unattributed Ramen Voucher in Genshin Impact is an event item from the Almighty Arataki Extraordinary and Exhilarating Extreme Beetle Brawl event. According to the description, he will allow the Traveler and Paimon to dine at the stall for two months for free. In the article we will tell you how to get and whether it is possible to apply a coupon for ramen.

Search for fragments near the Geo Statues in Genshin Impact

Search for fragments near the Geo Statues in Genshin Impact is part of The Chi of Yore world quest. At this point, the Traveler will need to solve the puzzles with totems and get the two remaining images in two places.

A Lone Ship in Guyun World Quest

A Lone Ship in Guyun in Genshin Impact is a side quest in Li Yue where the Traveler illegally gets on board and makes amends by fulfilling requests. You can get the quest on the outskirts of the Guyun Stone Forest, to the right of the Guyun Domain dungeon.

Ritou Escape Plan in Genshin Impact

Ritou Escape Plan in Genshin Impact is a questline from The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia: Chapter II: Act I series. During the quest, the Traveler will have to find a way to leave the starting area of the Inazuma region, make new friends and face the strict laws of the local government.

What to do with mysterious meat in Genshin Impact

Mysterious Meat in Genshin Impact is a cooking ingredient found only in the Hadramavet Desert in the Sumeru region. This component is used in cooking, as well as for obtaining other types of culinary resources by recrafting.  

How to get the “I Hate ‘Em Myself!“ and "Flat Out" Sumeru Hidden Achievement

“I Hate ‘Em Myself!“ and "Flat Out" in Genshin Impact, a secret achievements that can be unlocked while traveling through the Desert of Hadramaveth. The achievements is quite easy to complete and useful when exploring the region, as it introduces one of the local enemies.

Genshin Impact Paper Theater Day 2 Event Guide

Across Mountains in Genshin Impact is the second stage of Paper Theater from The Exquisite Night Chimes event. During the tasks associated with the challenge, the Traveler will have to help Huanguang get the treasure. The guide provides a detailed walkthrough of Across Mountains.

How to Get Vial of Adeptal Speed

The Vial of Adeptal Speed in Genshin Impact is an item required when equipping the Serenitea Pot. A vessel containing the power of the Adepts will help you quickly produce decorative items for the monastery. In this guide, we will tell you where to get the Adept Speed Flask in Genshin Impact, who to buy it from and how to use it in Serenitea Pot.