Padisarah in Genshin Impact

Padisarah in Genshin Impact is another Sumeru curiosity that you will encounter as you explore the new region. As stated in its description, Padisarah is a sacred, noble and very capricious flower. Its buds are the basis for the production of valuable incense. From this description it follows that the inhabitants of Sumeru love and respect this flower very much.

Where to find Padisarah in Genshin Impact

Before you find Padisarah in Genshin Impact, you need to determine for yourself that we will not need this resource to upgrade certain heroes from Sumeru. But that doesn't mean you won't need it at all. We will talk about this a little later.

Since the inhabitants of Sumeru really appreciate Padisarah in Genshin Impact and prepare very valuable and high-quality incense based on its buds, they came to the conclusion that growing it near the city of Sumeru is the best option, therefore it is in the vicinity of the city that it is necessary to look for it.

Padisarah can also be obtained by completing two quests in the world. Each of them will reward you with 4 flowers.

Where to buy Padisarah in Genshin Impact

You can buy Padisarah in Genshin Impact only from NPC Jut, which is located in Sumeru. She will be able to sell you 5 Padisarah at 1000 mora each.

What is Padisarah in Genshin Impact for?

It's time to talk about what Padisarah is for in Genshin Impact and determine for ourselves whether we will farm her.

One of the most important uses of Padisarah is the making of Dendro Treasure Compass:

But besides this, Padisarah is often used in Sumerian cuisine, so we can cook a huge number of dishes based on it:


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