Pigeon, Duck, and Child in Genshin Impact

Pigeon, Duck, and Child in Genshin Impact a daily quest, completing which in a special way, you can open access to a secret task and get a hidden achievement. In the guide, we will analyze the complete passage of the quest and consider both scenarios.

How to start the Pigeon, Duck, and Child quest

Since the quest is a daily quest, it appears randomly. However, you can influence the chance of it falling out by setting Mondstadt as the desired region for receiving tasks. To do this, follow the path: F1 (the Traveler's Guide will open) → Daily Commission Rewards → Preferred region → Mondstadt.

If the task falls out, it will be marked on the map with a purple marker. The fastest way to the desired NPC lies through the main gate of the city, from the easternmost teleport in the capital.

On the way to the boy, you can kill pigeons and get a lot of chicken meat from them. This will not affect the outcome of the quest.

Approach Timmie and talk to him by pressing the "F" button. He will become angry because of the frightened pigeons and will offer the player to feed the local ducks in order to make friends with them. After this dialogue, the quest will begin.

Walkthrough of the quest Pigeon, Duck, and Child in Genshin Impact

Below is a step by step walkthrough.

1. Find and collect three Wheat

Timmie will ask you to bring him 3 servings of wheat. You can get it in two ways: find it in the world or buy it from local merchants. The second way is easier and faster.

The nearest shop is visible on the city map. Blanche's grocery store is located near the alchemy workbench.

Start a dialogue with the merchant of the Mondstadt Merchant and select the answer option "What do you have for sale here?". The entire range will open.

Three portions without discounts will cost 300 mora. If you reach level 4 reputation in Mondstadt, then the price will decrease by 10 coins, and the entire purchase will cost 270 mora.

If you take the more difficult path, then you can get the most in Springvale. To do this, you need to go to the local boxes and "Explore" them. Vegetables will fall out, including wheat.

When the resources are collected, return to Timmie. Talk to him and, after choosing the desired dialogue option, give the cereals. The boy will send the Traveler to the lake to feed the ducks.

2. Head to the lake and develop the wheat

The desired location will be marked with a purple marker on the map. It will be near the place of the conversation. The easiest way to fly there is by glider from the nearest shore.

Arriving at the stone, "Sow" the wheat. After that, grains will appear on the pond, and ducks will swim up to them.

If you do not feel sorry for the boy, and for the sake of achievement are ready to kill the birds, do it. Then the ending will be completely different.

You can also complete the quest after feeding by going to Timmie and talking to him again.

3. Talk to Timmie

If you complete the quest by immediately returning to Timmie, the kid will thank the player and give him a helping of Mondstadt Hash Brown.

In the case of the achievement, Timmie will get angry and drive the heroes away and, of course, will not hand over food. However, this scenario will open access to the next quest Sorry, Timmie!, for completing which you can get an achievement.


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