David and Goliath Achievement in Genshin Impact

David and Goliath is an achievement that requires you to paralyze the Ruin Grader with weak spot attacks. It is not difficult to get it, it is enough to know which zones you need to strike and where to find the mob itself. We have prepared a guide on how to get the David and Goliath achievement in Genshin Impact.

How to complete the David and Goliath achievement in Genshin Impact

The achievement is related to the fight with the Ruin Grader, so you first need to get to this mob. Respawnable automatons can be found in Inazuma, the Dragonspine Mountains, and the aboveground part of the Chasm.

The most convenient place to complete the David and Goliath achievement in Genshin is Inazuma. There is a lot of open space here, it is easy to find a mob and there is no debuff from the cold. However, kill the automatons around beforehand so that they do not complicate the fight.

It is advisable to take a good shielder into the group: it will prevent the interruption of attacks and knockback, and will also allow you to focus on the battle, which is especially important when performing David and Goliath.

Attack the Grader. When the cores in his legs light up, hit them one by one. If done correctly, the mob will fall to its knees and attack from afar. Switch to the archer and shoot the cannonball until the David and Goliath achievement is credited. It may take several attempts, as a few seconds after the fall, the thresher will begin to protect the core, and then attack with a laser. Try not to stand under the energy beam unless you have a strong shielder.


For completing the achievement David and Goliath in Genshin gives 5 primogems.

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