How to play Genshin Impact with a Controller

Many players play Genshin Impact not only on the keyboard, but also with the help of a controller, so today we will tell you how to connect it to a particular device in order to feel a new game experience or just make it more comfortable.

How to play Genshin Impact on a phone with a controller

A huge number of players are interested in how to play Genshin Impact on a phone with a controller, however, we have to disappoint you, despite the fact that the game is already close to its second anniversary, the developers from Hoyoverse have not made it possible to play through a joystick on Android, which creates a whole wave of indignation on the part of the players. At the moment, only happy owners of iOS can play on the phone through the controller in Genshin, the rest will have to be patient.

We really hope that this feature is already being developed and will soon be part of the game. As soon as it becomes possible, we will immediately write about it. And at the moment it is not possible to connect the controller to Genshin Impact on Android.

How to play Genshin with a controller on PC

Those who are interested in how to play Genshin with a controller on a PC are divided into two types: those who have a controller from the PlayStation or Xbox, as well as those who have a third-party, usually Chinese controller. While with Sony and Windows everything is extremely simple: you insert the adapter into your PC via USB and link the controller to the PC, then with other gamepads it can be a little more difficult.

In case you are having some trouble with the controller, more specifically an issue with connecting the controller that renders you unable to change settings in Genshin Impact, here's a bit of troubleshooting for you: in your PC, go to Settings, open up the Control Panel, choose Devices and Printers, and check if there's some kind of conflict going on with your virtual controller inputs.

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