Friendship level in Genshin Impact and how to increase it

The friendship level in Genshin Impact is one of the activities in the game that allows players to receive character name cards. The level of friendship will be obtained by you throughout the gameplay.

What gives the level of friendship in Genshin Impact

As stated above, the only thing that gives a friendship level in Genshin Impact is name cards. Name cards for each character are individual and this can be a great decoration for your profile, as well as a distinctive feature. In order to get a name card, you need to reach level 10 friendship with the character.

So newbies who didn't know why Genshin Impact's friendship level was needed now know that it's just a cosmetic, but a very nice addition.

How to level up friendship in Genshin Impact

Separately, it is worth analyzing the question of how to increase the level of friendship in Genshin Impact, because there are several options for this:

  • passing story, world, daily and other quests;
  • leveling with the Serenitea Pot.

Two types of experience are available in the game (in addition to books): experience for leveling a character and experience for leveling friendship. When passing various quests, you will receive one and the other. In this case, the level of friendship will be pumped only for those characters who are in your squad and have not reached the 10th level of friendship.

Another option, it is suitable for those who are interested in how to quickly increase the level of friendship in Genshin Impact - Serenitea Pot. However, it is important to remember that this option will only allow you to level up your friendship in a fast-paced mode if you combine both leveling through quests and the Kettle of Serenity. You have the opportunity to put your companions, that is, those characters that you have, on the territory of your teapot. To do this, you need to open the "Companions" section in edit mode. Select the necessary characters and place them depending on your desire:

Over time, you will accumulate experience, which can be activated by talking to the spirit of the teapot and choosing the "Trust Rank". In the same place, click on the chest icon:

Now you know how to level up friendship in Genshin Impact and we strongly recommend using both of these methods at the same time, this will help you reach level 10 friendship as quickly as possible.

Friendship experience in Genshin Impact

The friendship experience in Genshin Impact is the only experience available that allows you to increase the friendship level with the characters. With each new level, the amount of experience will increase, therefore, farming friendship experience in Genshin Impact is not a matter of a few days.

How much friendship experience do you need in Genshin Impact

If you go to the character menu ("C"), you will notice that the character's friendship level bar does not display the specific amount required to reach the next stage. For better guidance, we provide specific information on how much friendship experience is needed in Genshin Impact at each of the levels:

  • 1-2 level: 1000;
  • 2-3 level: 1550;
  • 3-4 level: 2050;
  • 4-5 level: 2600;
  • 5-6 level: 3175;
  • 6-7 level: 3750;
  • 7-8 level: 4350;
  • 8-9 level: 4975;
  • 9-10 level: 5650.

Another question that interests many players: is the experience of friendship shared in Genshin Impact? No, experience will not be shared regardless of how many characters that have not reached friendship level 10 are in your party. Thus, if you get 60 experience points from the boss, then each of the characters (in addition to those who have reached level 10) receives these 60 points.

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