Where to find all Diluc's letters in Hidden Strife

After completing the epilogue task All’s Well That Ends Well as part of the Hidden Strife event, letters and new dialogues appear throughout Mondstadt. They are connected with Diluc and reveal his lore in more detail. This is a secret mechanic: there are no notifications about them in the game, so it is difficult to find lines and notes. We have made a guide on where to find all Diluc's letters in Genshin Impact in the Hidden Strife event, as well as new lines.

Important: do not rush to complete the All’s Well That Ends Well quest if you want to get acquainted with all the new replicas. Kaeya appears near Dawn Winery only until the completion of the epilogue quest, after which it will not be possible to find him.

How to open Diluc's letters and dialogues in the Hidden Strife event

In order for Diluc's letters and the main part of the new replicas to become available, you need to:

  • Complete the quest Phantom of the Past and unlock access to the Hidden Strife.
  • Complete at least The Other Molten Quadrant on Easy difficulty or higher.
  • Complete the quest All’s Well That Ends Well.

The only exception is Kaeya's line, which appears before the end of the All’s Well That Ends Well.

Passing the easy difficulty level of the Hidden Strife does not require filling the counter: strong mobs appear after defeating the usual ones and do not pose a particular threat. Even beginners will be able to open Diluc's remarks and letters.

Where to find all Diluc's letters in Hidden Strife

After the Genshin Hidden Strife content closes, all of Diluc's letters will appear at the Dawn Winery, Mondstadt, and Dragonspine.

Diluc's letters at Dawn Winery

Most of Diluc's letters can be found at the Dawn Winery. To get to it, teleport to the nearest Archon statue and fly west. Enter the building.

The first stack of Diluc's letters is a quest stack. After completing the task, you can read all the notes.

From the entrance to the distillery, turn left to immediately find 2 letters. Walk towards them and turn left again. Diluc's third letter is on the table.

Each note consists of 3 parts. The author of the letters is Kaeya. He briefed Diluc on the progress of the investigation into the Eroch case, and later briefed him on the Chapter's reaction to the Darknight Hero's and gave him advice.

Diluc's letters in Mondstadt

To find Dilyuk's letters, teleport to the western control point in Mondstadt. Go down to the building of the Order of the Ordo Favonius. Enter the room.

Enter the first door to the left of the entrance. The Jean is standing there. Diluc's first letter lies on one of the shelves of a bookcase not far from the window. It is addressed to Magister Varka. In it, Diluc speaks warmly of the order, but says that he will not return to it.

On another cabinet in the same room, find Diluc's second letter. It is addressed to Jinn. In the letter Diluc thanks for the care.

Finding Diluc's third and fourth letters in Mondstadt is a little more difficult. To get to them, teleport back to the checkpoint. Look towards the order building and note the spark next to one of the doors on the roof.

Get closer and press the "F" button to explore the strange place. Behind the brick is a hidden box. Inside are letters, a bag of shells, and an eye patch. These are sentimental entries that touch on Diluc's past and the reason for their quarrel with Kaeya. Here you can read 2 notes. To view both Diluc's letters, you will have to move the brick again.

Diluc's letters in Dragonspine

You can also find Diluc's letters in the Albedo camp. To get into it, teleport to the nearest point. Climb over the broken bridge and turn left.

Both Diluc's letters are on the bookshelves. One is addressed to Albedo, the other to Mrs. Alice. The appeal to the scientist is directly related to the Hidden Strife event: Diluc contacted him to explore the arteries of the earth.


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