Genshin Impact won't launch on PC

Some players are facing issues when Genshin Impact won't launch on PC. There may be several reasons for this. And we propose to consider solutions to this problem in order to minimize or eliminate its occurrence for you.

What to do if Genshin Impact does not start

After you have already encountered this problem and do not know what to do if Genshin Impact does not start, then we recommend that you first of all check that your PC meets the minimum system requirements.

In the event that this is not your problem, then we recommend doing the following:

  • open the folder where your game is installed;
  • find the GenshinImpact.exe file and run it as an administrator.

If after that you successfully opened the game, then the answer to the question: why Genshin Impact does not start, most likely, is a failure or incorrect loading of the files and game resources.

In order not to encounter an error when Genshin Impact does not start on a PC (Windows 7, 10) and the above recommendations did not help you, we can recommend you:

  • completely remove the bootloader and the game from your computer;
  • reinstall them.

Don't worry, all your gameplay will be saved, but make sure you remember your username and password from your account.

Launcher Genshin Impact won't open

Sometimes the Genshin Impact launcher does not start for players, in this case we can recommend:

  • check if third-party processes are loading your PC;
  • close them, if any;
  • wait (sometimes players experience long loading times);
  • open the game manually:
    • in the folder where you installed the game, find the GenshinImpact.exe file;
    • open it as administrator.
  • in the same folder, find the Update.exe file and manually update the launcher.

These tips should help you get rid of the issue when the launcher won't launch in Genshin Impact.

Why Genshin Impact won't start on my phone

There are also those players who are interested in why Genshin Impact does not start on the phone. In the event that your download is stuck on a white screen, then it doesn’t matter, we have already talked about how to solve this problem.

If the game does not start at all, then make sure that you do not have minimized processes that load Android or iOS. And then try to open it again.

Note: Make sure your phone meets the system requirements.


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