How To Change Servers in Genshin Impact

The question of how to change server in Genshin Impact may concern many beginners. In fact, in Genshin this system works as follows: on each server you can have one account. Thus, there is no one single account, they will be different. At the same time, you can freely change the server at any time convenient for you and log into the desired account. Do not worry about what will happen if you change the region in Genshin Impact, because nothing, in fact, will happen. You will save all game progress and at the same time get an additional account on another server.

How To Change Servers in Genshin Impact

You can change server in Genshin Impact in the main menu. The gray cell indicates your active server, that is, the one on which your current account is located. In order to change it, just click on it and select any one you like from the available list.

Be careful when choosing, because this choice will lead to changes in ping, which can greatly affect the comfort of the game.

How to change server on PS4 in Genshin Impact

If you do not know how to change the server on PS4 in Genshin Impact, then we immediately warn you: this is impossible to do. This feature is currently not available on consoles.

How to Choose a Preferred Region for Commissions in Genshin

If you are interested in how to change the region of Daily Commissions in Genshin, then we will teach you. It's pretty simple:

  • open the adventure book in the upper right corner of the screen (third icon from the right);
  • select the "Commissions" tab;
  • in the required section, select the region you like, or simply set up a random selection:


reload, if the code cannot be seen
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