The Silver Pocket Watch in Genshin Impact

The Silver Pocket Watch in Genshin Impact is a quest item that is required to complete one of the quests in the Golden Apple Archipelago, where the Traveler encounters a confused Mirror Maiden who has lost her precious photo with her brothers. This article tells you where to find the Silver Pocket Watch and what quest it is used for.

Where to find a Silver Pocket Watch

To search for a silver pocket watch, you need to get to the Golden Apple archipelago. Access to the location is unlocked during the quest Summertime Odyssey: Act I - The Golden Apple Vacation Returns!

The Silver Pocket Watch is found on Broken Isle under a large wooden bridge near a cliff. They stand out with a bright yellow glow, so it will be difficult to miss them.

Interact with the item to pick up the watch. After that, they will appear in the inventory in the "Quest" tab.

What is Genshin Impact Silver Pocket Watch used for?

The Silver Pocket Watch is required for the "Misplaced Photo" quest, which is currently unavailable. It starts on the same Broken Isle after talking to the Mirror Maiden.


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