How to donate to Genshin Impact?

Donating to the Genshin Impact is not a mandatory procedure at all. Experienced players note that without real money investments, you can play quite comfortably. However, what would be the right thing to invest in?

How to donate to Genshin Impact

Those players who do not know how to donate to Genshin Impact should know that there are only three really useful options for depositing money in the game:

  • purchase a monthly card (Blessing of the Welkin Moon);
  • buy Genesis Crystals;
  • upgrade the battle pass.

The rest of the proposals are practically insignificant. In the event that you want to use donation in Genshin Impact as an opportunity to develop your character quickly and well, then pay attention only to these three options.

How much does a donation cost in Genshin Impact

In order to determine how much a donation in Genshin Impact costs, you need to refer to the cost of the items themselves:

Monthly card "Blessing of the Welkin Moon". Purchased in the game store, in the "Souvenir Shop" section for $4.99. In addition to the card itself, you get 300 Genesis Crystals and 90 Primogems every day for a month.

Genesis Crystals. Genesis Crystals can be purchased both in the game store, as well as on the official website:

  • go to the Top-up center on the site;
  • log in if you haven't done so;
  • choose the payment method and the number of crystals:

Thus, we become aware of the prices for donations in Genshin Impact. However, we remind you that it is not mandatory for a comfortable game. You can buy a monthly card and you will feel quite comfortable, as you will receive 2700 Primogems in a month, which is a lot. Thus, purchasing a monthly card is a profitable investment.

Donate to Genshin Impact via VPN

Donating to Genshin Impact via VPN can be done, but there are certain risks. In the event that you have any problems with payment in your country, then you can contact the support of the developers, where you will be advised to use VPN services. However, if you do not have such problems, then you can get a lot of problems in the form of a ban.

How to donate cheaper to Genshin Impact

Before you are interested in how it is cheaper to donate to Genshin Impact, you must be fully aware that this action is contrary to the policy of the developers, respectively, you risk getting banned. In the event that you are ready to take a risk, you can try. In order to donate cheaper to Genshin, you can use the region of Brazil. If you are looking for through which country the donation will cost you cheaper, then we recommend these. First of all, try Brazil.

Thus, you can save money, but at the same time you risk a lot. Developers are constantly updating services to track such manipulations, so getting a hardware ban for this is not new.

Whether you are ready to donate to Genshin Impact is up to you, however, we recommend that you think carefully before doing this.


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