The Golden Apple Archipelago in Genshin Impact will expand noticeably with Patch 2.8

HoYoverse presented a major 2.8 update for Genshin Impact, called "Summer Fantasia". It will be released on July 13 and will allow players to return to the Golden Apple Archipelago again. However, the place itself will be noticeably transformed. The location will be replenished with new territories, extensive opportunities for exploration, new loot chests and storylines related to the Traveler and his companions.

In the archipelago of the Golden Apple, there will also be new island entertainment available alone or with friends. In the "Resonating Visions" event, players will have to collect special shells with stories and messages to exchange them for a new Fischl costume. In addition, in the last event of the joint "Reminiscent Regimen" mode, it will be necessary to go sailing and pass various tests at sea.

The new playable character will be Shikanoin Heizou (4★, Anemo). His peculiarity lies in the fact that he is the first melee hero fighting with the help of a catalyst. By the way, he will also get his own storyline, along with Diluc and Kazuha.


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