Regions in the Genshin Impact

Regions in the Genshin Impact are the areas into which the world is divided, in which all the main events of the game take place — Teyvat. Players will have to move from one to the other as the story progresses. It is worth noting that the regions in Genshin Impact are not similar to each other, but are inspired by different cultures.

Regions in the Genshin Impact

The game world of Teyvat is divided into 8 regions:

  • Monstadt;
  • Liyue;
  • Inazuma;
  • Sumeru;
  • Fontaine;
  • Natlan;
  • Snezhnaya;
  • Khaenri'ah (Kaenri'ah).

The map of regions in the Genshin Impact looks like this:

Note: This map cannot be 100% accurate, so keep in mind that in the end everything may not be as it is depicted here.

Prototypes of regions in the Genshin Impact

The developers and creators of the game do not hide that the appearance of the regions was inspired by the already existing well-known countries and regions. Thus, prototypes of regions in the Genshin Impact are easily determined, for example:

  • Monstadt region — Germany (collective image of Europe);
  • Inazuma Region — Japan;
  • Liyue Region — China, Hong Kong;
  • The Snezhnaya region is Russia, Siberia etc.

Please note that content is constantly being added to the game, so the game world will grow and increase before our eyes. This means that the regions of the country will be added to the Genshin Impact, and players will explore new lands.

The next region in the Genshin Impact

At the moment, there is no officially confirmed information about which region is next in the Genshin Impact, however, there are already a lot of rumors about this. After the release of update 2.1, it is not necessary to talk about which next region in the Genshin. It will definitely be exactly Sumeru, as it is mentioned in the plot. According to a lot of drains, we can expect that Sumeru will be released in update 3.0, and this is the end of August 2022 (23-25).


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