Portable Waypoint in Genshin Impact

Portable Waypoint in Genshin Impact was added with update 1.1. It allows players to move to absolutely any point on the map without focusing on teleport points. You can only create one such portable teleportation point. In that case, if you want to put another one somewhere, the previous one will be destroyed.

How to get a Portable Waypoint in Genshin Impact

Before you get a Portable Waypoint to Genshin Impact, you need to upgrade the 6th level of reputation in Mondstadt. You can do this by running various errands at Hertha's.

After reaching level 6, return to Hertha and collect the reward, among which there will be a drawing of a Portable Waypoint.

We go to our inventory, where we need to learn the drawing for the Genshin Impact Portable Waypoint, after that its crafting will be available for us. After that, we go to the alchemist, where we will craft a teleport at the machine.

For one portable point we will need:

  • Dead Ley Line Leaves — 1 piece;
  • Luminescent Spine — 2 pieces;
  • Crystal Chunk — 5 pieces.

Note: After you have created one Genshin Impact Portable Waypoint and activated it, you will not be able to take back this item. In order to put a new point on the map, you need to create a new one.


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