How to prepare for the Kuki Shinobu banner in Genshin Impact

Update 2.7 in Genshin Impact pleased with the release of two new characters at once: Yelan and Kuki Shinobu. The banner of the mysterious intelligence officer is coming to an end, which means it's time to prepare for the exit of the deputy head of the Arataka gang. Study this guide to find out what materials will be needed for pumping and elevating Kuki Shinobu.

Materials for pumping Kuki Shinobu

The full list of resources for Itto's assistant is shown in the image above. Next, let's take a closer look at each item and where it can be obtained.


Resources for leveling up to level 90:

  • Vajrad Amethyst (fragment/piece/precious) – fall from weekly and world bosses (Dvalin, Childe, Azhdaha, Thunder Manifestation, Ancient Geovishap, Electro Hypostasis) and are bought in souvenir shops. You can also exchange stones on the alchemical table for Nitrogen Dust.
  • Naku weed is an Inazum curiosity;
  • Ghost Shell/Heart/Core – Farm with Ghosts;
  • Runic Fang – you can get a Ruin Serpent from the boss;
  • Mora.


Resources for talent development:

  • About the "Grace" of teaching/instructions/philosophy – books of talents that are farmed in the Violet Hall dungeon (Tue, Fri, Sun);
  • Ghost Shell/Heart/Core;
  • Tears of the Calamitous God – falls from the weekly boss Raiden;
  • Crown of Insight – given as a reward for passing events, as well as pumping Frostbearing Tree, Sacred Sakura and improving Adjuvant;
  • Mora.

How many primogems are needed for the Kuki Shinobu banner in Genshin Impact

Getting a 4⭐ character is much easier than getting a legendary one. Nevertheless, it is impossible to name the exact number, even taking into account the rules of the guarantor's work. It is also worth considering that, despite equal chances, new epic heroes on release fall much less often. Therefore, before you twist the banner for the epic, make sure that you definitely need a 5⭐ hero (in this case, it's Arataki Itto).


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