Is it worth twisting the Kuki Shinobu banner in Genshin Impact?

An overview of the abilities and potential of the most responsible girl from the Arataka gang. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of the 4⭐ swordswoman, who became the first Electro Hiller. Let's define the role in the squad and the most effective use of skills.

Study this guide to decide whether it is worth twisting the banner with the Shinobu Kuki in Genshin Impact and how appropriate it is to invest resources and primogems in it.

The banner with Kuki Shinobu starts in the second half of update 2.7 from 06/21/2022 and will last until the end of the patch.

What other characters will be in the Kuki Shinobu banner

Before you spin a banner for the sake of a 4⭐ hero, especially if it is new (it usually falls out less often, despite the fact that the chances are the same), it is worth making sure that the legendary character will be needed in case of its loss.

Consider the heroes that may fall out in the banner:

  • Arataki Itto – 5⭐ two-handed with powerful ultimate Geo damage. It shows itself perfectly as the basis of the group, but is demanding to the selection of the squad.
  • Chunyun – 4⭐ Krio two-handed. Flexible, powerful and easy to learn character, able to perform multiple roles in the squad.
  • Gorou – 4⭐Geo archer. The perfect support for Itto. It will flood the energy and give a good buff for protection and Geo damage.

Overview of skills

The heroine's abilities speak about her support/supp-dd role in the squad:

  • Ordinary and charged attacks are not of particular interest, since they will have to be used extremely rarely. Like any swordsman, he makes up to 4 quick sword strikes. When clamped for a long time, it hits with increased damage, spending part of the stamina.
  • The "E" button is her main ability (similar to Barbara's skill and Qiqi). Creates a ring around itself that deals Electro damage to nearby enemies with a small frequency and heals an active character. If you have a set of Millelite Durability and 2 constants, you can constantly maintain the buff and HP of heroes. At the same time, the assembly is very simple and does not require large investments
  • An explosion of the elements can make a supp-dd out of Kuki. It doesn't last long, but it does good Electro damage over an area.

Is it worth spending time on the Kuki Shinobu in the Genshin Impact?

Kuki abilities are not limited to treating an active character and imposing Electro status on opponents. The heroine is also capable of doing good damage.

There is not much to expect from an elemental skill, since it is calculated from the attack power. Ulta damazhit well and depends on the max. health, which is worth pumping to the maximum. In addition, she can be given sets of artifacts and weapons buffing the squad, which will make the deputy Itto even more useful.

It is also important to take into account information about fused reactions with the Dendro element, which will appear together with the addition of the Sumeru region. The boost reaction looks very powerful, as it cuts the resistance of enemies and gives additional energy.

Who is suitable for Kuki Shinobu

Kuki Shinobu joins many squads. It will manifest itself best in mono-electro, taser (Hydro+Electro) and teams with heroes playing from phys. damage, where, paired with a Cryo character, a Superconductor will create a reaction.

If there is no hiller for the second pack of cookies yet, it is perfect for beginners. Despite the fact that she needs resources from Inazuma, the assembly will not take much time. It is enough to gain as much HP and a few crits as possible.


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