The appearance of the Dendro Traveler in Genshin Impact became known

It's no secret that a Traveler can change the element, resonating with it at the Statues of the Archons. With the introduction of the August update from Sumeru into the game, the main character will finally receive the power of the element of nature. Lumie dataminer showed what a Dendro Traveler looks like in Genshin Impact.

The video demonstrates the effect of changing the character, scattering green petals, and the interface of the characters' characteristics.

The model of the character is no different, except for the green backlight on the changing details of the costume.

You can see this when comparing different versions of the elemental Traveler. At the moment, Anemo, Geo and Electro elements are available. In total, seven Archons will have to visit, which means that the hero has passed almost half of his way.

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16 June 2022 08:54

Wow! It's so cool! 🤩