Mystical Compass in Genshin Impact: how to get into new spaces

The mystical compass in Genshin Impact is a special mechanism of the dungeon Realm of Snaring Illusions in the task of the Archons Perilous Trail. It allows you to move through time to collect information. In the guide we will tell you how to use a compass, what to do if the arrow gets stuck in a tree or rests on the ground and how to enter new spaces.

How to use the Mystical Compass

It is necessary to turn the compass needle back and forth, depending on the time in which you need to be. While traveling, you will have to influence the objects around you to change the future of the dungeon and open new passages.

How to get into all new spaces with the help of a Mystical compass

There are five places in total in the dungeon. Initially, only two of them were opened. A couple more will open after solving riddles, and the fifth location will automatically open after passing the previous ones. You need to get into it.

How to remove a tree that interferes with the arrow: the entrance to the third space

The tree prevents you from pointing the arrow at the third symbol. To remove the plant, it is necessary:

  • Turn the compass back to the first character and enter the space (if you are already in it, go to the next step);
  • Approach the device and break the sprout of the tree;
  • Turn the compass forward on the second symbol and enter the space.

After that, nothing will prevent you from turning the arrow to the third icon and entering a new location.

What to do if the arrow rests on the ground: the entrance to the fourth space

The symbol of the fourth place is blocked, since in spaces 1 and 2 the arrow rests on the ground. And the compass itself is behind bars in the third location. To go further, you will have to:

  • Enter the third space;
  • Defeat Bosatius together with Xiao and enter a new passage without changing anything. The character will be in the second space;
  • Go to the gate on the right and press the lever on their right side;
  • Return to the third space and kill the spider next to the compass;
  • Turn the arrow back to the fourth character.

After that, it will be possible to enter the fourth space.

How to open a grid with a compass

If the gate to the compass in the third space has not opened, enter the new passage again, and press the lever again. Go back and check if the spider has appeared in place of the grate. It should work the second time. Run to the fourth space and turn the arrow back to the fifth character. Log in to the portal.


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