Salt for My Foes, and Water for Me in Genshin Impact: how to complete an achievement

Salt for My Foes, and Water for Me in Genshin Impact is one of the achievements of the Winner 5 section added in patch 2.6. To get it, you will have to fight the boss Hydro hypostasis.

It is not difficult to find a world opponent – he is marked on the map of Watatsumi Island in Inazuma. Use the nearest waypoint and head to the arena by gliding along the waterfall or running from the inside of the land ring. Start the fight with hypostasis.

His first action is to summon two drops of water. The blue one explodes when approaching the character, and the blue one generates a health particle. To open the achievement of Salt for My Foes, and Water for Me, catch three such sickly objects. To do this, it is enough to approach them. In the process of catching, beware of boss attacks and blue drops, it is not necessary to finish off hypostasis. Reward for reaching 5 primogems.

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