Is it worth twisting the Yelan banner in Genshin Impact?

The compositions of prayers are already known in the upcoming update, and on May 31, Travelers will be able to get a new 5⭐ Hydro archer into their squad. In this article, we will consider the main advantages and disadvantages of the heroine, as well as her skills and possible role in the team.

In this article, we will help you decide whether to twist the Yelan banner in Genshin Impact, or leave primogems for other characters.

Prayer with Yelan will appear in the first half of patch 2.7 and will be available from May 31, 2022 to June 21, 2022.

What other characters will be in the banner with Yelan

In the banner with the Hydro Archer, you can also get the following epic heroes:

  • Yanfei wields the Pyro eye of God and a catalyst-type weapon. It is one of the most popular 4⭐ damagers in the game and also looks great in a team with Yelan.
  • Noelle is a Geo two–handed woman, who with 100% guarantee is given in the prayer of a beginner. Has one of the most stable shields among epic characters and is able to heal while under it. On the 6th Constellation, it reveals itself as a good main dps.
  • Barbara is the carrier of the Hydro Eye of God, the type of weapon is a catalyst. Barbara can be obtained for free as you progress in the game (at the 20th rank of adventure), although the Constellations on her are also not superfluous. For example, the 6th constellation allows you to resurrect allies after death with a full health reserve.

Overview of skills

Normal Attacks – deals up to 4 bow shots. It also has a unique mechanic called a Breakthrough, which reduces the charging time of a targeted shot if the archer is not on the battlefield.

The elemental skill – Yelan is disguised in a special form and quickly moves around the battlefield, entangling all enemies on the way in threads. After that, the thread explodes and causes Hydro damage, depending on the maximum HP of the heroine:

  • When pressed quickly, it is directed forward a short distance.
  • When long allows you to choose the direction of movement.

Explosion of the elements – Hydro damage is inflicted on the site, after which an Exquisite throw is created, following the active character and conducting Hydro attacks with him (damage depends on the maximum health of Yelan).

Is it worth twisting the Yelan banner in the Genshin Impact

Yelan is currently only the second character of this element who can maintain the Hydro status on enemies as actively as Xingqiu, which makes her relevant in the same Abyss. She is able to participate in the creation of the Vaporize reaction (one of the strongest in the game) or Freeze, which allows not letting enemies out of the stun.

Her main damage depends entirely on HP, so the archer is effective with minimal resin costs for the best artifacts, because it is enough for her to collect as much health as possible (if she takes the support position).

Among the disadvantages of the hero can be distinguished:

  • Extremely low performance and weak attack gain, which absolutely devalues this stat.
  • An expensive ultimate skill.
  • The archer is difficult to get, due to the fact that she is 5⭐ and her banner is limited in time.

Who will fit Yelan

Despite the tendency of character leveling materials to be located in different regions, it is quite easy for Yelan to gather the necessary resources, since they are all located in Liyue. This allows you to improve the heroine without the requirement to open an Inazuma.

It can effectively join the teams of both beginners and experienced players as a Hydro applicator and a burst, but it should be considered the last thing for the role of main dps. Yelan is a great solution for those who use Xingqiu, but lack his ulta in the second squad in the Twisted Abyss.


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