Patch 2.7 for Genshin Impact can already be pre-downloaded

The next major update 2.7 "Hidden Dreams in the Depths" for the Action RPG Genshin Impact is available for pre-download. As always, you can download the patch in advance only on PC and mobile devices — there is no such option on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.

Instructions for preloading:

iOS and Android

  • Method 1 — Paymon Menu -> Settings -> Other -> Preloading the full package -> Download.
  • Method 2 — In the login menu, click on the icon labeled "Preloading the full package" in the lower left corner of the screen.


  • Update the bootloader (it will be prompted at startup), after which in the lower left corner you will see a button "Preload the game" — click on it.

Recall that in update 2.7, the players will continue the storyline, as well as new characters Yelan and Kuki Shinobu will appear. Below is the trailer of Yelan.


reload, if the code cannot be seen
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