Bloodstained Chivalry in Genshin Impact: where to find, who is suitable and what bonuses it gives

Bloodstained Chivalry in Genshin Impact is a narrowly focused, but useful set with a rarity of 4-5 ⭐, which relies on charged attacks and physical damage. Most often, 2 artifacts are taken from this set and combined with other sets to get different bonuses.

This guide contains answers to the most popular questions about the set: where to get and on whom to put the Bloodstained Chivalry, as well as what equipment to supplement it.

Where to find Bloodstained Chivalry in Genshin Impact

The main way to get a Bloodstained Chivalry is to go through the dungeon Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern. It is located in the Liyue region north of Mount Aozang.

You can start farming with the 35th rank of adventure, but the quality of the set in this case is limited to 4 ⭐. For a set with a rarity of 5 ⭐, you will have to dial at least 5 more levels. The recommended rank for farm is 45 or higher. In this case, the chance of obtaining 5-star artifacts is maximum.

An additional way to get a set is a Mystical offering. The Bloodstained Chivalry is among the sets available in the reliquary. To create 1 artifact from the kit, you will need 3 other things of the same quality, so this option is suitable only for well-trained players.

How the set and its bonuses work

The Bloodstained Chivalry Set is highly regarded for its large increase in physical damage. The second bonus is used less often, as it does not help in the battle with strong opponents. The complete set is well suited for farming weak mobs, since it is activated when an enemy is killed.


Who is a Bloodstained Chivalry in Genshin Impact

The Bloodstained Chivalry is suitable for the following characters:

  1. Xinyan. The set will give maximum physical damage, both from the hand and from the ultimate.
  2. Keqing. The set is suitable for assembling for physical damage, will provide a good massive combo damage.
  3. Razor. The kit will increase the damage from the hand. In combination with the main stat of the hero, a fairly strong buff is obtained.
  4. Eula. A full set is not the best option, but sometimes it is collected for stable damage and simplification of gameplay. Often with Eula, 2+2 is used with a set of Pale Flame.
  5. Rosaria. The set will provide high physical damage. With 2 artifacts of this set and 2 artifacts from the Pale Flame set, the character can be put on the role of the main DPS in the team.

What artifacts can be combined with the Bloodstained Chivalry in Genshin Impact

The Bloodstained Chivalry goes well with other sets that give attack damage bonuses. First of all, it is Pale Flame, which also increases physical damage by 25%. Sometimes the set is combined with the sets Gladiator's Finale or the Shimenawa's Reminiscence. They increase the attack power by 18%.


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