Triple-Layered Consommé in Genshin Impact

The Triple-Layered Consommé soup in Genshin Impact is a 3⭐ rarity dish, has a fresh, slightly salty taste and increases the strength of the hero's shield by 20%/25%/30% (depending on the quality) for 300 seconds. In co-op mode, the effect only works on your own character.

In this guide we will tell you where to find a soup recipe and how to cook it. At the moment, there is no opportunity to buy a ready-made dish.

Where can I find a soup recipe?

Go to the lower teleport in Liyue and walk towards the Adventurers Guild to the People's Choice Restaurant. Talk to the owner Chef Mao and buy the right recipe, which opens on the 25th rank of adventure. Its cost is 4500 mora.

How to cook Triple-Layered Consommé?

Use any nearby stove or campfire to start cooking. In the menu that opens, for convenience, put the filter "Dishes for protection" and select the desired food.

The following components are used in the Triple-Layered Consommé:

  • Ham x2;
  • Fowl x2;
  • Bamboo shoots x1;
  • Mushroom x1.

Choose Noelle or Xinyan to have a 12% chance of getting an extra dish. You can achieve mastery after 15 perfect attempts.

Where to find or buy ingredients

Ham can be made in blanks of raw meat ingredients x2 or salt x1. It is also sold by Chef Mao in the "People's Choice" in Liyue and by Sarah in the "Good Hunter" in Mondstadt.

Fowl is found at the Draff in the village of Springvale or is obtained by hunting birds, as well as in expeditions in Inazum and Mondstadt.

Bamboo shoots can be found near the village of Qingce or bought at the People's Choice restaurant.

Mushrooms are collected in the open world – most often found in forests or near trees. There is an opportunity to purchase from Chef Mao in the "People's Choice".


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