Rice Buns in Genshin Impact

Rice Buns in Genshin Impact are a local sweet, common among ordinary residents of Liyue. Increases health by 8/9/10% of the maximum and additionally restores 800/1000/1200 HP to the character depending on the quality of the dish.

Where can I find the recipe Rice Buns?

You can buy a recipe for 1250 mora in Liyue Harbor from Chef Mao at the People's Choice restaurant. To get to the establishment, use the southern teleportation point, then follow straight towards the Adventurers Guild. The second building on the right will be the destination.

How to cook Rice Buns?

Using any stove, you can cook pampushki from the following ingredients:

  • Figure x1;
  • Horsetail x1.

Make delicious pampushki 5 times to open the Fast Mode. After selecting Jean, Barbara or Diona in the upper right corner in cooking mode, there is a 12% chance of getting an extra portion of rice dumplings when preparing the perfect dish.

This dessert can only be prepared, it is not sold in local shops.

Where to find and buy ingredients?

Horsetail for cooking can be found on the territory of Stone Gates and Reed Islands. There is also an opportunity to purchase a plant from the herbalist Guys in the Bubu hut.

Rice is sold at Dong Sheng's on the square near the People's Choice restaurant in Liyue, as well as in Inazuma at Aoi, the owner of the Tsukumomono store.


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