Tuna sushi at Genshin Impact

Tuna sushi in Genshin Impact is a traditional, but quite simple in execution dish from Inazuma. When used, it instantly restores HP to an active character by 20%/22%/24% of maximum health and additionally 900/1200/1500 HP (indicators depend on the quality of food). It is not possible to buy ready-made food at the moment.

Check out the article to find out where to get the recipe and how to cook sushi with tuna.

Where can I find the recipe Tuna sushi?

Move to the upper teleport in Inazuma and head towards the Forge. Opposite it you will find the restaurant "Kiminami". Talk to Anna and buy a recipe for sushi with tuna. The cost is 2500 mora.

How to cook Tuna sushi?

To cook a meal, use a stove or a campfire. Set the filter "restoring dish" for a faster search and select the desired one from the list.

Ingredients are used in cooking:

  • Fish x3;
  • Rice x3.

Cook delicious tuna sushi 10 times to increase your skill and unlock the fast mode. Use the help of Barbara, Diona or Jean for a 12% chance to cook an extra portion.

Where to find and buy ingredients?

Fish can be purchased from Shimura Kanbei in Inazuma, Obata (trader at the pier of Ritou Island), Old Sun and Gao at the pier in Liyue, Bo Lai at the shop "Thousand Little Things", chef Mao in "People's Choice". The resource is also located in the open world in lakes, rivers and is made by processing caught fish.

Rice is sold at Dongsheng's Second Life store and at Aoi's Tsukumomono.


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