Where can I find 3 volumes of the Teyvat Travel Guide?

The Teyvat Travel Guide in Genshin Impact is a collection of books telling readers about the most interesting places in each region. At the moment, information is available about three kingdoms: Mondstadt, Liyue and Inazuma. At the same time, the text of the books is seasoned with the author's personal notes.

At the time of patch 2.6, three parts of the famous guidebook are available.

Volume 1 - Mondstadt

Given by Lisa as a reward for completing the quest Lost Book. Lost Book is the second and final part of Lisa's Story Quest Tempus Fugit Chapter: Act I - Troublesome Work.

Volume 2 - Liyue

Given by Chang the Ninth as a reward for completing the quest Justice Is Its Own Reward. Justice Is Its Own Reward is the fourth and final part of Xingqiu's Story Quest Fabulae Textile Chapter: Act I - Bookworm Swordsman.

Volume 3 - Inazuma

Sold by Kuroda and Murata after completing A Story for You in the Hues of the Violet Garden event. Sold by Kuroda after the Hues of the Violet Garden event. The cost of the book is 1500 mora.

Interesting facts from the Teyvat Travel Guide

Reading the book, you can find out interesting details of the author's travels.

  • The author of the Guidebook is Alice, Kli's mother. As far as we know, she is one of the strongest sorceresses of Teyvat. Also, from the many notes in the books, it can be concluded that Alice is a pretty smart woman with non–standard views on the world.
  • Many characters are wary of Alice (largely because of her ideas and thoughts). For example, Lisa tactfully changed the subject in a conversation with Kli's mother, as she suggested using hilichurls as an energy source. Alice wanted to undermine the Starcatcher Cliff to make the terrain of the Mondstadt more level, but Kaeya not only wouldn't let her do it, but also told her to stay away from that place. And the Jean, after Alice launched the hilichurls into the sky during her experiments, asked Amber to look after the sorceress.
  • During her journey, Alice tried to help many people, but most often she only made things worse. This happened to a millelith named Echo. He used to stutter a lot, and so the sorceress gave him a potion that was supposed to help. But this drink turned out to have a side effect – the guard began to imitate the speeches of people he met. Actually, that's why they called him Echo.
  • In some of her travels through Liyue, Alice was accompanied by Zhongli. She speaks of him as a very serious and strange person. The former Archon, in turn, finds Alice quite funny.
  • From volume 3 of the Guidebook, you can find out that Alice is closely acquainted with the priestess of the temple Narukami Yae Miko. She calls her "little Yae". The sorceress mentions that she could easily bring Miko to tears when she was little. During the meeting, Alice thought that the priestess of the temple would get drunk, start talking nonsense and crying (as it usually happened), but instead she overdid it with alcohol and disgraced herself.
  • During a visit to the city of Inazuma, Alice brought Naganohara, the father of Eimiya, a new recipe for fireworks. She always found the old man boring, since he refused to enhance the actions of his creations. However, in her opinion, Eimiya, on the contrary, is a very talented and interesting girl. Together they experimented with new formulas for fireworks.
  • An unpleasant situation occurred with General Tengu Kujou Sara. Alice was brewing a new potion in the palace kitchen, but something went wrong and an explosion occurred. As a result of the experiment, Sarah suffered – feathers were singed on her left wing. Alice wanted to help her, but the general avoided meeting her in every possible way after the incident in the kitchen.
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