Khaenri'ah in Genshin Impact

The Khaenri'ah in Genshin Impact is one of the most mysterious kingdoms in the world. From the in-game information, you can find out that it has long been destroyed by the gods and is associated with a monstrous cataclysm. In this article we will talk about what is known about the region without an Archon.

When will the Khaenri'ah be released in Genshin Impact?

In Teyvat's trailer, it is Khaenri'ah that is the most recent region from the presented ones. His act remains unknown, but the chapter will be titled "The Dream Yet to be Dreamed". It is logical to assume that this is a 7+ act, since to arrive in this kingdom (or what is left) The traveler must after visiting all the Archons in Teyvat. The last region of the continent – Snezhnaya – is expected in 2025, which means that it will be possible to visit the lands without gods no earlier than 2026.

What is known about the region?

To describe it in one sentence: Khaenri'ah is a kingdom without an Archon, built by humans, lying outside Teyvat and destroyed by the gods several centuries ago.

History, fall and curse

It was founded about 3000 years before the events of the game, and this is indicated by the description of the scribe's box. A nation without an Archon terrified the inhabitants of Teyvat by not obeying the Seven and could resist the gods. But since she did not have her own deity, she created mechanisms that she used for battles – automatons, that is, the guardians of the ruins and their relatives.

The full history of the kingdom is unknown, but the reason for the fall is open – it is a cataclysm caused 500 years ago and struck Teyvat. One of the alchemists of Khaenri'ah, Gold/Citrinitas/Rhinedottir (creator of Albedo), went too far in her desires, and this led to the fact that the ruling family of the kingdom, the Blacksun Dynasty, fell first. A huge number of monsters created by the scientist broke free together with Durin, and the gods had to intervene. Celestia and the other deities destroyed the Khaenri'ah in an effort to prevent an even greater catastrophe... or to hide something else.

The territories turned into ruins, and the inhabitants suffered a curse. Most of them turned into hilichurls, another fraction – into Abyss Mages, Abyss Herald or Abyss Lectors. Some, like Dainsleif, have received other forms of curses, like immortality. It is possible that some of the people are still in human form – and this is confirmed by Kaeya. The royal guards – the Knights of the Black Serpent – turned into black armor with very few memories. Everyone who was in the kingdom then is now cursed.


Nevertheless, it is possible to meet other creations of the lost kingdom in a peaceful situation. During the passage of the task "Requiem of the Echoing Depths", you can find the inteyvat flower – the national treasure of the Khaenri'ah. According to Dain, if you tear it off and take it to foreign territories, it stops growing and becomes hard, but it will soften when it returns to its native home. After returning, it crumbles into dust. The meaning of this flower is "warmth of the motherland".

Characters from Khaenri'ah in Genshin Impact

At the moment, there is one playable representative of the lost nation in the game – this is Keya. You can find out about this from his story, which is said in plain text. Another hero, almost directly related to the Khaenri'ah, is Albedo, a disciple and creation of Rhinedottir, an artificial man created by her.

There are a few more unplayable ones. First of all, this is Dainsleif, and the opportunity to play for him is only a matter of time. A former member of the royal guard, doomed to be immortal and wander the world, concurrently voices the characters' videos and accompanies the Traveler in tasks related to the search for the lost twin.

Facts about the region

Some facts about the kingdom can be gleaned from the stories of the characters and tasks of the Archons:

  • Khaenri'ah was located underground, as can be learned from the history of Albedo. There were few animals in this area, so the inhabitants learned to create life.

  • The main art of a nation without God is Khemia, the creation of life. This is an advanced form of alchemy, and it also caused the death of civilization.
  • If you look closely into the eyes of Kaeya and Dainsleif, you can see that they have cross-shaped pupils, resembling the stones of the source. Perhaps this is a distinctive feature of the inhabitants of this country.

  • The names of the characters associated with the Khaenri'ah are references to German-Scandinavian myths and legends, "Songs of the Nibelungs", plus Wagner's opera of the same name. This suggests that the kingdom itself is inspired by Scandinavia.
  • Lumin wears an inteyvat flower in her hair.

  • At the very beginning of the game, the Traveler sees a terrible picture of burning lands – this is the destruction of the Khaenri'ah.
  • Dain's phrase about cultivators shows his nation's attitude to conquests –"The land is not cultivated with tools – they fight for it with iron and blood." In addition, this is a quote from an 1862 speech by Otto von Bismarck.

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