The announcement of the event "Spices from the West": The creation of special seasonings

The main purpose of the Spices from the West event is the preparation of seasonings. To proceed to this stage, you need to reach the 20th rank of adventure.

To prepare special dishes for the characters and upgrade their friendship level, you will have to:

  • reach the 28th rank of adventure;
  • complete the Teapot quest – a full bowl to unlock the Serenity Teapot system;
  • complete the task of Idle Teapot Talk to obtain Realm Dispatch and the opportunity to put companions in it.

The maintenance of the Kettle may not be completed by the beginning of the event.

Guide for Spices from the West

Go to Nazafarin from Sumeru and talk to the girl to start cooking spices. In the first week from the beginning of the event, a new recipe for creating aromatic seasonings will be opened every day.

The mixing sequence of the ingredients will be shown above the container. Press the spoon when the slider reaches the desired product to add it.

Add spices to delicious dishes to get fragrant and treat the characters in a Teapot of Serenity. Depending on the preferences of the hero, the reaction will be different, but the experience of friendship will be pumped in any case.

After the end of the event, all event items will disappear from the Inventory.

Event Rewards

For participation in the Spices from the West event, you can get:

  • Primogems;
  • Hero's Wit;
  • Mora;
  • Weapon Ascension Materials.

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