How To Complete Anti Raiden Shogun Training In Genshin Impact

To complete the Archon quest "Chapter II: Act III Omnipresence Over Mortals", you must complete a special training against Shogun Raiden. To successfully prepare for the future battle with the Electro Archon, you should first study her tactics, with which Yae Miko, the familiar of the goddess, will help the Traveler.

Complete the Anti-Raiden Shogun Training

The training ground is located on Narukami Island, east of Konda Village. In place of the Traveler, Yae Miko and a special device imitating the blows of the shogun Raiden are waiting.

The mechanism alternately plays three types of normal attacks that must be dodged, and then activates a special attack in the final. You have 70 seconds to complete the workout.

To pass the test, the following conditions must be met:

  • Miss no more than 10 normal hits;
  • Dodge the final blow.

Before the test, you can put two Anemo heroes in the squad to increase the speed of movement due to the resonance of the elements, as well as a Pyro or Cryo character for the final phase of training.

Next, we will show device attacks in detail and tell you how to avoid them:

  • The first technique of the training totem is an area strike. A purple area appears around the device, in which the player can receive Electro damage. Go beyond it to avoid it.

  • The second technique is lightning bolts. The totem sends them to the place where the character is standing, highlighting the attack point around. Quickly dodge them to the side with a dash to avoid getting hit.

  • The third technique is electric blades sent from the device. Before you start them, the mechanism opens and makes a whistling sound that you can navigate. The attack consists of a series of three hits that must be dodged.

During the test, we advise you to stay as far away from the training totem as possible in order to accurately protect the character from the first technique and have more time to dodge the third.

How to Dodge the Final Hit

As soon as the timer is less than 20 seconds, the final attack will appear. It consists of three Electro Crystals located at different corners of the makeshift arena.

This time, you won't be able to simply dodge the vehicles - you need to destroy one of the catalysts in order to secure a safe place on the field. For this, the characters of Crio or Pyro of the elements are perfect, which will easily destroy the object with their elements. If there are none, then it is advisable to take spearmen or heroes with fast auto attacks.

If you don't manage to destroy the crystal before the end of the timer, then the test will fail, even if before that you received less than 10 hits from normal attacks.

When you break the sphere, then stand in its place - device attacks do not work in this zone. Stay there until the end of the time to complete the special training.


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