What to do if your Account got hacked in Genshin Impact

Hacking accounts in games is an extremely unpleasant phenomenon and, unfortunately, not uncommon. It's not always easy to figure out what to do if your Genshin Impact account is stolen. It is especially difficult to collect one's thoughts if it was very dear to the owner and a lot of time and effort was invested in it.

How to know if your account has been hacked

There are several signs by which it is easy to determine that an account has been stolen:

  • when you start the game, you find that you have logged out of your account, although you did not do this;
  • when trying to authorize, enter your account information and password correctly, but the game gives an error message and does not allow you to enter.

If you find yourself in this situation, most likely your account has been stolen. However, do not panic and get upset. Even after the thief changes all the data, it is possible to return the account to yourself.

How to recover lost account in Genshin Impact

Account recovery occurs through communication with technical support. You can contact the developers directly by writing to them by mail, or within the game. To do this, create a new account or log in to a spare one, if you have one.

How to write a letter to tech support

You can send a support message directly from the game from a new or backup account. This is done as follows:

If you were unable to resolve your issue using the FAQs for these options, click the plus icon. In the suggestion box, you can submit your feedback, ideas, and suggestions.

A window will appear where you can see the history of communication with technical support for the last 90 days. Here, click on the “Contact CS” button at the bottom of the screen. Describe the problem, noting that the main account was stolen. Be sure to include your valid email address in the Email field so developers can send feedback.

How to contact developers:

  • The email address where the letter should be sent is [email protected]
  • In order for the message not to go unnoticed in many inboxes, set the subject line to “Account form hacked account”.

It is not necessary to write anything in the message itself, the problem is already indicated in the subject, so you can just send an empty letter.

After receiving the letter, the support staff will send a special “HoYoverse Pass” form to the mail to fill out an application for account recovery. You can only fill it out within 7 days after sending. After this period, the form will become invalid.

What Evidence to Collect to Return an Account

When filling out the form sent by the support service, be sure to provide the following information:

  • user ID, previously linked mail address and, if available, login;
  • the country in which they registered;
  • UID, in-game nickname, adventure rank and server;
  • the date the account was registered (if you don't know, try to remember at least approximately. It is also possible to get this information by looking for an email from miHoYo/HoYoverse that was sent on the day of registration);
  • type and characteristics of the device from which the registration and entry into the game was carried out;
  • the date you last logged into the game;
  • in the Account Information section, you should indicate the name of the game and the rank of adventures, and then, in order and broken down into different banners, write down the dates of receipt of each 5 * character and weapon. If you do not remember the exact day, indicate at least an approximate period;
  • method, date and receipt of the first purchase (if you never donated, check “No Purchase”);
  • write a new email address that has not previously been used to register HoYoverse accounts. Support staff will relink the stolen account to it in order to return it.

Be sure to check all the details in the form before submitting it. And also try to provide as much information as you can remember. The chances of returning the account directly depend on this.

How long does it take to recover a stolen account

As a rule, support responds in about 20 business days. Therefore, the entire process of returning an account can take up to a month or even more.

If successful, after some time a letter will be sent to the mail notifying you of the successful relinking of your account. It also includes instructions on how to proceed:

  • follow the link inside the message to the official website of HoYoverse;
  • click "Forgot password";
  • insert the email address that was indicated in the form and to which the developers linked the account;
  • get a confirmation code and set a new password.

What to do if you can't get your account back

Unfortunately, it is also possible that support will refuse to return the account. The reasons for this may be the lack or inaccuracy of the information provided in the form. In this case, you can contact the service again and fill out the questionnaire again, but this time try to provide as much detailed evidence as possible.

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