Unattributed Ramen Voucher in Genshin Impact

Unattributed Ramen Voucher in Genshin Impact is an event item from the Almighty Arataki Extraordinary and Exhilarating Extreme Beetle Brawl event. According to the description, he will allow the Traveler and Paimon to dine at the stall for two months for free. In the article we will tell you how to get and whether it is possible to apply a coupon for ramen.

How to Get a Unattributed Ramen Voucher

After completing the final event task "The Beetle Battles Will Never End!" the coupon for ramen will go into Inventory as a thank you from Arataki Itto. You can find the item in the Quest Items section. The coupon description says that it also serves as proof of the rapid rising of two beetle-fighting stars “Oni King’s Right Hand” and “Skycleaving White-Iron Lavender Melon”.

Why You Need an Unattributed Ramen Voucher in Genshin Impact

Itto himself informs about the use of the coupon for ramen during the quests of the event: it must be presented at the stall to receive a free lunch. However, even after finding the voucher in the Inventory, it is impossible to say with certainty where it should be carried. The ramen coupon is most likely a memorabilia that can't be used.

Players on Reddit have been trying to figure out if the coupon can be applied. Most agreed that the ramen voucher is just a trinket: there is a two-month free offer too good, and there is no name of the stall on paper. In addition, there is an irrefutable argument - there is no store in the game that sells tonkotsu ramen. The recipe can be bought from Shimura Kanbei, but the Traveler will have to prepare it.


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