Search for fragments near the Geo Statues in Genshin Impact

Search for fragments near the Geo Statues in Genshin Impact is part of The Chi of Yore world quest. At this point, the Traveler will need to solve the puzzles with totems and get the two remaining images in two places.

How to Accept the Quest Search for fragments near the Geo Statues

The quest Search for fragments near the Geo Statues is one of the stages of The Chi of Yore quest. In order to start its implementation, you will need to complete all the previous steps:

  • talk to Yan'er;
  • inspect the ruins and get the first image;
  • ask the villagers about the fragments;
  • consult Granny Ruoxin.

After fulfilling all these conditions, you will get access to the task.

Search for fragments near the Geo Statues in Genshin Impact

Granny Ruoxin will guide you to two places to find stone statues. Visit them and solve certain puzzles to get two images.

How to Search for Fragments Near the Geo Statues

Granny Ruoxin mentioned that one of the fragments can be found in the ruins to the west of the village. Going to explore this place, you will find a square stone platform with five statues. In the middle there is an unfinished inscription that will serve as a clue to solve the puzzle. It encodes the order in which totems must be activated.

Interact with the statues in the following order:

  • in the first place - the one that is above the rest, on a stone side;
  • the second - in the lower right corner of the site;
  • the third is in the upper left corner;
  • the fourth stands opposite the third, at the top right;
  • you will find the last one opposite the second one, in the lower left corner.

If you mix up something in the process and break the order of interaction, nothing will happen, and the puzzle will resume.

When you correctly activate all the totems, Precious Chest will appear. Open it, and inside you will find the desired fragment.

Go to the highest point of Qingce Village to search for fragments

This place is located south of the Ruoxin house, but it will take quite a long time to climb there. Luckily, the rock has a lot of gentle places where you can rest and restore stamina.

When you reach the peak, you will find eight stone statues, and in the center - an unfinished inscription.

It contains a hint on how to solve the riddle:

  • The first statue to activate is at the foot of a rocky ledge and looks directly at Dragonspine.
  • The next desired statue is immediately after the first. If you approach it, a tall tree with Wangshu Inn will catch your eye. Interact with this totem and move on to the next one.
  • To find the third statue you need, skip one after the second. This stone dragon is looking at the high cliffs of Jueyun Karst.
  • Skip two more totems after the third to find the last one you need. It is easy to identify by the tree growing next to it. The domes of the Confront Stormterror peek through the branches.

After activating all four statues, get a Precious Chest. Take it to get another fragment.

Next, head to Granny Ruoxin for further instructions.


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