A Lone Ship in Guyun World Quest

A Lone Ship in Guyun in Genshin Impact is a side quest in Li Yue where the Traveler illegally gets on board and makes amends by fulfilling requests. You can get the quest on the outskirts of the Guyun Stone Forest, to the right of the Guyun Domain dungeon.

How to Start A Lone Ship in Guyun Quest

There are two options: either climb on the ship yourself, or in the "A Path Through the Storm" stage on the task of Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves.

How to get to the ship

You can get on the ship by water with the help of Kaeya. Or climb a high rock above the dungeon and fly from it. While planning, keep an eye on the energy. It's better to take Ember to the squad.

The mission starts automatically as soon as the hero steps on board the ship. He is greeted by Juza and Yinxing. The first mate chastises the Traveler for illegally entering the ship. The punishment is as follows: you need to help all the workers.

A Lone Ship in Guyun World Quest Walkthrough

You will have to talk with eight crew members.

Give 3 portions of meat to Juza

Juza is at the bow of the ship. He also meets the Traveler at the beginning of the quest. The NPC will appreciate the effort to help and ask you to bring three pieces of meat. Give any kind (but not fish). 

Help Little Yue look for Starconches on the beach

Little Yue is on deck. He is very upset that he cannot go ashore and play with his girlfriend Changchang. The boy will ask you to bring three starconches. The nearest ones are marked on the screen below.

Return to Little Yue and give the starconches. He will make toys out of them and ask them to give them to Changchang.

Talk to Yinxing

Yinxing is waiting on the stairs near the steering wheel. She will calm the hero and ask for help. Because of the anxiety of the first mate, Yinxing cannot go ashore. She paid Bolai in advance for some goods and now asks to give a note to the merchant so that someone can bring her purchases.

Give the letter to Bolai and Give the present to Changchang

Now you need to return to the city and find two NPCs: Bolai and Changchang. They are located in the harbor of Li Yue and are marked on the screen below.

Catch Changchang in the harbor and give her the toy made by Little Yue. The girl will tell you that she has not seen her friend for a long time, and the time before last, he also could not go ashore because of the captain of Baydou. Changchang will ask you to thank Little Yue.

Bolai stands on the lower tier of the harbor near his shop. Give him a note from Yinxing. Bolai will say that he will deliver the goods by boat, since the Guyun Stone Forest is far away.

After the instructions are completed, return to Little Yue and Yinxing. They will thank for the help, and the quest will send to the elder Juza.

Talk to Mora-Grubber

Mora-Grubber is next to Suling. She does not need help and will even decide that the hero has decided to rob her. Chests can be easily looted.

Talk to Furong

Furong stands on the right side of the ship's side. She will not give any tasks and will ask you to leave.

Talk to Xu Liushi

Liushi is standing on the platform near the highest sail. To get there, carefully climb up the mast and climb up the rope ladder. Try to save energy, as there is a high probability of falling. Geoculus will also hang there. Xu Liushi won't need help.

Talk to Sea Drake

Sea Drake stands next to the helm. He won't need help.

Talk to Suling

Suling is on the deck near the stern of the ship. He will say that the help of a stranger is not needed, and the dialogue will end.

Report back to Juza

Juza will be waiting for everyone there. He will tell you that he has been closely following the Traveler and does not understand where such a thirst to help others comes from. Juza will give a gift to the hero and ask him not to break into the ship again without asking.

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