What to do with mysterious meat in Genshin Impact

Mysterious Meat in Genshin Impact is a cooking ingredient found only in the Hadramavet Desert in the Sumeru region. This component is used in cooking, as well as for obtaining other types of culinary resources by recrafting.

Where to Find Mystery Meat in Genshin Impact

The mysterious ingredient comes from the Flying Serpent, which lives in the Hadramavet Desert and is part of the fauna of Teyvat. Drops three units of meat from one creature after killing it.

Mysterious Meat Farm Locations

There are only four zones on the map where you can hunt kites:

Reptiles respawn every day after the server is updated. 

What is Mysterious Meat for?

Mysterious Meat can be processed into Raw Meat, Fish, or Fowl. The processing time is 1 minute, and the probability of obtaining the final ingredient is about the same for everyone.

What Dishes Can You Cook From Mysterious Meat?

An unusual resource is also used in cooking. At the moment there is only one recipe in the game to which it is applicable - Scented Meat Balls. In addition to the Mysterious Meat, the player will also need wheat, onions, and spices to cook food.


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