How to get the “I Hate ‘Em Myself!“ and "Flat Out" Sumeru Hidden Achievement

“I Hate ‘Em Myself!“ and "Flat Out" in Genshin Impact, a secret achievements that can be unlocked while traveling through the Desert of Hadramaveth. The achievements is quite easy to complete and useful when exploring the region, as it introduces one of the local enemies.

How to get the "I Hate ‘Em Myself"?

To obtain this achievement, you must be attacked by Setekh Wenut while walking through the Hadramaveth Desert.

Where to find Setekh Wenut?

Wenut waters in the Hadramawet Desert. One of its habitats is in The Sands of Three Canals, near the eastern teleporter.

After moving to the teleportation point, go down to the foot of the mountain. Nearby, around the platform with the chest, crawls unut. The monster moves underground, but you can see it by the green glow and the blowing sand. Run up close and wait for the impact.

Anticipating that Wenut is near and about to attack is easy. Before that a yellow circle will appear on the surface, and after a short time a green horn will emerge from the ground. If you don't manage to dodge it, the Wenut's blow will throw your character aside and cause damage - this is the condition for the Achievement.

How to get the "Flat Out"?

As you wander through the Hadramawet Desert, you may notice Weathered Rocks. Near them you can often see a blob of Anemo energy moving under the sand. It's a Wenut, which is scurrying around the desert and attacking a character who sets foot in its domain area. The affected area is illuminated by a special effect.

To earn the hidden achievement, lure Wenut to a weathered rock so that he is in its attack zone.

To have the Wenut attack destroy the stone, use the following method:

  • Step out onto the sand. Wenut should notice the character, which is shown by the Anemo effect on the sand.
  • Get closer to the weathered stone. Stand close to it and wait for Wenut's attack.

As soon as Wenut destroys the stone, the game will notify you of the achievement.


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