Genshin Impact Paper Theater Day 2 Event Guide

Across Mountains in Genshin Impact is the second stage of Paper Theater from The Exquisite Night Chimes event. During the tasks associated with the challenge, the Traveler will have to help Huanguang get the treasure. The guide provides a detailed walkthrough of Across Mountains.

To proceed to the second stage of the Paper Theater challenge, you must complete the scenes of the first.

When the considered condition is met, move to the teleportation point close to Liyue harbor.

Across Mountains: how to complete all scenes

This time the mini-game has new features:

  1. Huanguang can jump from the top level of the scene to the bottom through holes. However, if he falls through the hole on the lower level, he will fall into the abyss, and the performance will end in failure.

  1. The theater scene consists of several floors. For example, if you look at the image from below, you can notice that 6 sections are drawn: three from below and three from above.

Scene 1

The first act has two sections blocked by a lock, as well as one section with an obstacle, contact with which is equal to the failure of the performance. To go through 1 scene, you must:

  • Swap the section with the trap and the section with the hole.

  • Wait for the paper actor to start moving towards the chest. After swapping the Huanguang section and the upper center section.

Thus, the main actor of the performance will move towards the hole, under which there is a chest with riches.

Scene 2

The second act consists of three blocked sections, one of them is a murderous obstacle at the lower level, which blocks the path to the chest. To pass the 2nd scene, adhere to the instructions:

  • At the beginning of the performance, swap the Huanguang section and the top section with the hole.

  • Wait for the paper hero to enter the blocked section with the stone. Quickly swap the section with the hole and the free section on the top floor.

  • As soon as the main actor of the play enters the section with the hole, drag it to the beginning, under the chest.

Thus, the Brave bearded man will fall on the chest, and the act will end with deafening applause from the audience.

Scene 3

To complete the final act of the play:

  • Swap the section with Huanguang and the top section with the trap (no hole).

  • Wait for the hero to go to the blocked central section on the second floor. Change places with stone and central lower section.

  • Wait when a paper actor steps on a section with a hole, and drag it under a chest.

Thus, Huanguang will fall and, colliding with a stone, will change direction towards the treasure.


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