Who is Yaoyao in Genshin Impact?

Yaoyao is a Dendro character from Liyue in Genshin Impact. She is a spearwoman who controls a small rabbit named Yuegui and has the ability to heal. The girl is very sweet, cheerful and inquisitive, which other characters regularly mention in their lines. She loves to help Xiangling, causing her to call her "junior disciple". In addition, she is a student of martial arts master, better known to players under the name of Madame Ping. Madame Ping treats the girl as her granddaughter.

Yaoyao communicates well with The Crux crew and often visits the ship where he likes to play. For this reason, Ganyu is forced to constantly monitor the restless girl so that she does not sneak onto the deck and swim away with Beidou. Yaoyao is an interesting child who cheers up just by looking at him. In this article, you can learn a little more about her height, age, and also her birthday.

Height of Yaoyao in Genshin Impact

Yaoyao is still a child, so she is not tall. The spearwoman has a low female model. She is rather small, and because of her hair - a bow on her head made of pigtails - she seems a little taller than she really is. Yaoyao's height is 4′2″ / 127cm.

How old is Yaoyao?

The age of the characters in the game is unknown, but it can be estimated.

The girl is still quite a baby. She is very cheerful and, like other children, loves to play. However, the girl often takes care of her friends, such as Ganyu or Xiangling, as if she were their big sister. She is younger than the rest of Madame Ping's students, but she is more active. Many notice her diligence and wisdom with which she gets down to business. However, her age is much less than one might think. Yaoyao is about 8-12 years old.

When is Yaoyao's birthday?

Yaoyao's birthday is March 6th. This means that her zodiac sign is Pisces. In the game, this information can be viewed in the "Profile" section. Or, if this hero has not yet been obtained, open the "Character Archive" in the Paimon menu.

For her birthday, the girl sends a letter with nice words, some resources, and her signature dish "Qingce Household Dish" (can be made using Yaoyao from "Qingce Stir Fry").


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