When will Snezhnaya be released in Genshin Impact?

The exact release date of the kingdom is still unknown, but given that one new region is added to Genshin Impact every year, we can try to guess the approximate release date. Snezhnaya is the setting for story chapter #6 "The Merciless Frost" and should be expected to be added around 2025 along with the kingdom.

Map Snezhnaya

The location of Snezhnaya can only be presented as theories. Perhaps it will be located northeast of Mondstadt. The assumption is connected with the extremely cold climate of the region, eternal snows, and also with the fact that the kingdom of Krio Archon has access to the sea (this is hinted at by the presence of the seaside village of Morepesok and the frequent mention of travel by ship).

Of the locations, only two are known so far:

  • The first is the Polar Palace, the place where Krio Archon lives. It is expected to be similar to the Tenshūkaku on Narukami Island in Inazuma. It may well be that the palace of the Queen is located within the capital of Snezhnaya.
  • The second is the coastal village of Morepesok, where Tartaglia lived before becoming a Harbinger. Based on the description of its history, it is a rather calm and quiet place with a peaceful life.

Cryo archon Snezhnaya in Genshin Impact

The key figure of the entire region, the goddess of an unknown ideal. It is assumed that before her value was love, but now this has changed. It is mentioned many times that there is no love left in her for her people, and the people will no longer be able to love her.

A special feature of the relationship of the Tsaritsa with her subjects is incredible devotion to her - and it is not known whether this is sincere faith, or only fear. The main representatives of the Cryo Archon in Teyvat are Fatui. Little is known about her powers - she has a very high level of control over the elements of Cryo, and is able to bestow Delusion, which are stronger than the Eyes of God.

Opinions about the Tsaritsa vary:

  • Tartaglia calls her a gentle nature, which used to be too kind, and therefore she had to change and become colder. She also emphasizes that she declared war on everyone - mortals and gods, and the reason for this was her desire to achieve peace.
  • Zhongli sympathizes with her goal, although he does not actively seek to help her.
  • With Barbatos, the Tsaritsa has an even worse relationship, because of which his Heart of God will simply be torn out by the Signora. It is known that such changes in the character of the Cryo Archon and the rupture of relations with the Anemo Archon occurred about 500 years ago - just at the time of the cataclysm and the death of Khaenri'ah.

Very little is known about appearance. Based on Tartaglia's story of how he got his Delusion, the Archon has a female appearance and sits on a high throne. She has a "cold and pure, arrogant and sharp" look, and she towers over everyone (it is not known whether this is because of the throne or the Tsaritsa of high growth) and is a real warrior.

It can be assumed that, like other Archons, the strands of her hair will be dyed in a light blue color corresponding to her element, and her eyes will be exactly the same.

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