How to destroy the barrier in Chinju Forest

Destroy the barrier in Chinju Forest in Genshin Impact - part of the "Tanuki-Bayashi in the Forest" quest from the "Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual" quest series. After the help of youkai Ioroi, the Traveler is led to the right place and asked to remove the barrier.

How to find the barrier in Chinju Forest

After finding the three baby tanuki, Ioroi will give the Traveler a Comb Charm that can be used to activate a puzzle. Head to the barrier: follow the quest marker that will lead to the coast.

Paimon will start the dialogue by saying that there is nothing there, only stones. But a tanuki named Kichiboushi will use magic to open a passage to the cave where the riddle with altars is located.

How to destroy the barrier in Chinju Forest

To destroy the barrier, you must solve the puzzle with the altars, to summon and destroy the concentrated dirt from the sakura roots. To do this, you need to connect all the altars in such an order that they form the same pattern as in the gate.

Chinju Forest Shrine Puzzle Guide

There are 5 altars in the cave in total. Let's take a closer look at how to solve the riddle:

  • Altar bottom right - 4.
  • Altar bottom left - 3.
  • Altar top left - 2 (you can climb up the tree trunk).
  • Altar top right - 2.

After setting the numbers on all the altars, go back to the first one and click "Pray".

The puzzle will be completed and the boss Ochimusha will appear.

He must be defeated. Ochimusha is a normal kairagi - it attacks slowly but painfully, and is also able to block attacks with a sword. When the enemy sets up a block, go around the enemy and hit in the back.

After the victory, return to Hanachirusato and talk to her. This completes the Tanuki-Bayashi quest.


  • Adventure EXP ×250
  • Primogem ×30
  • Hero's Wit ×3
  • Mora ×30000

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