Who is Tighnari in Genshin Impact?

Tighnari is a Dendro archer (5⭐️) from Sumeru in Genshin Impact. After graduating from the Academy's oldest darshan, Amurta, he put his career in botany on hold and is now a forest guard in the Avidya Forest. For days on end, he fights against the withering that spreads through Sumeru and teaches the arts of plants even to the most obtuse students. He is Collei mentor and healer.

Tighnari has an average male character model, although he looks like an adult. The young guardian has highly protruding ears, which makes him look taller than many heroes with the same model. In reality, Tighnari's height is 5'3" / 161cm.

How old is Tighnari

Tighnari was admitted early to Amurta to begin his brilliant academic journey. He graduated early and was a celebrity, but it is also known that his official scientific career did not begin in childhood. As a child, Tighnari received a research magnifying glass from his mother, and at the time of receiving an invitation from the Academy, the magnifying glass is described as "magnifying glass, scarred and weathered by many years of use". So it can be argued, adjusted for the outstanding abilities of Tighnari, that upon completion of his studies, he was already at least about 18 years old. In an in-game photo taken during his time at the Academy, he doesn't look like a kid at all.

A couple of years before the Traveler came to Sumeru, Tighnari came to Gandharva and became a forest guard. It is known that he left the Academy almost immediately after graduation, because. during this period he is described as "a fresh graduate from the Amurta school". During this time, he managed to introduce a rational approach to the protection of the forest: he introduced a patrol log, distribution by roles, training in natural history for guards.

Also, in many materials accompanying Genshin, Tighnari is described as a young man who has come out of his youth.

In connection with these factors, it can be assumed that the legendary forest guard is 20-22 years old.

When is Tighnari's birthday

Tignari was born on December 29, according to the sign of the zodiac he is Capricorn. Information about this can be found in the game in the "Profile" section. If there is no hero, then this fact is in the "Character Archive".

On his holiday, he will write a letter to the Traveler, enclosing in it:

  • Spice x2
  • Forest Watcher's Choice x1
  • Crystal Core x10

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