How to play with friends in Genius Invokation TCG

Co-op mode in Genius Invokation TCG allows you to play cards with friends in Genshin Impact in addition to NPC challenges in the open world and inside the tavern. Such duels differ from the usual tests against bots and make the gameplay more interesting.

How to play with friends in Genius Invokation TCG

Co-op mode for playing Genius Invokation TCG is unlocked via the Notice Board in the Cat's Tail Tavern. Duels with friends become available upon reaching player level 4.

How to Invite a Friend Using the Cat Tail Tavern Board

To invite a friend to play cards, you first need to be in the same world with him. Let a second player into your world by entering co-op mode and interact with the Notice Board. Select the "Invite Teammate" action and wait for its confirmation. After that, the duel will begin.

You can also enter the world of a friend with whom you want to play cards. To do this, find him in the list of friends and, if he is online, request joining through the appropriate button. When a friend launches into his world and challenges to a card duel, accept the invitation.

How is dueling with a friend different from playing cards with npc

The nature of a duel with a friend in general terms does not differ from the battle with an NPC. The principle of the game is the same, however, a timer is set for certain actions of the player:

  • rerolling dice;
  • changing the starting cards;
  • completing your turn, including playing cards and changing your active character.

If you do not have time to complete your action within the time specified by the timer, the end of the round will be automatically announced, and the move will go to a friend. In addition, unlike playing with NPCs, there are no rewards for dueling with a friend.


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