Card Shop in Genshin Impact

The Card Shop in Genshin Impact is a shop that belongs to the TCG game mode. In it, players will be able to buy duel cards to diversify their battles and get new power-ups. In addition to acquiring new cards, you can also improve old ones by changing their appearance.

How to open a card store

You can find out the assortment in the Card Store after completing the Come Try Genius Invokation TCG tutorial! After completing the quest, approach the Prince, who is in the tavern on the bar counter, and talk to him. The second dialogue option will be an offer to view products in the store, select it and start shopping.

How to buy cards

You can buy cards in the first section of the store. They are divided into three types:

  • Equipment cards. They give boosts to heroes depending on their element, fighting style and type of weapon.
  • Support cards. Designed to improve the comfort of the game. They can reduce the cost of dice, add energy or change the randomness of the rolls.
  • Event cards. The principle of operation is similar to support cards, only their impact has a more tangible effect on the course of the game. They can destroy assistants, restore health and change the effect of elemental reactions in battle.

The last type of cards brings the greatest variety to the game, but also complicates the gameplay. At first, it is recommended to start with support, so that it is easier to get used to.

Also, cards can be divided into two types:

  • Purchased only in the store for lucky coins.
  • Those that you can both win from the NPC and buy.

Please note that you cannot buy playable character cards in the store. These can only be won in a duel with them, and only cards of ordinary residents of Teyvat are sold in the shop.

Purchase Provisions

In the Purchase Provisions section, you can purchase letters for future rivals and shirts. Letters are needed to progress through the gameplay in this mode, and the second one plays the role of a decorative element.

Character Invitation Letter

To fight with a certain game character, you need to send him a letter with an invitation to a duel. They have the same cost (1000 coins), but in order to purchase different envelopes, you must reach the desired level.

Card Back

Card Backs serve as a decoration and do not affect the gameplay in any way. Unlike all other items in the store, they are not purchased with coins. They can be bought for resources, which are ore and curiosities.

If you click on one of the Card Backs, an additional menu will open, where you will be able to take a closer look at all of them. Also, the window with coins in the upper right corner will be replaced by a window displaying the amount of the resource that is needed to purchase. You can purchase an unlimited number of Card Backs at any skill level in playing cards.

Dynamic Skin

The last section of the store is the sale of improved visual cards. With new covers, they become more colorful and animation appears. However, please note that:

  • You can buy a holographic design only for the card that you already have. In this section, you can not purchase the cards themselves.
  • In addition to a large number of coins, level 5 is also required. At a lower lvl, it will not be possible to make a purchase, even if there are enough funds.

Also, if you are looking for a specific type of card or cover, use the filter and select the options you need. This way you will find what you are looking for faster.

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