Genshin Impact bootloader update error

Genshin Impact Bootloader Update Error on PC occurs when a player tries to download a newer version of the client, however, the download is canceled and the message "Uploader update failed. Reconnect?".

The Genshin Impact bootloader update error can occur for various reasons, but often they do not depend on you, but on problems on the servers. We suggest doing the following:

  • run the GenshinImpact.exe file from the folder where the game was installed;
  • update the client manually:
    • in the folder with the game, find the Update.exe file;
    • open it and update the client manually;
    • wait for the end and start the client again.
  • run the GenshinImpact.exe file as an administrator via RMB.

These options should help you resolve the issue, however, if the Genshin Impact Game Update Resource Error persists, we recommend that you try restarting your PC multiple times. As a last resort, you can uninstall the game and reinstall it, where all the necessary updates will be installed automatically, or contact technical support, which will help you get rid of the Genshin Impact bootloader update error on PC.


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