Hidden Achievement Sumeru: How Do You Write the Excavation Report

How Do You Write the Excavation Report in Genshin Impact is a hidden achievement in the Wonders of the World category, earned by exploring hidden ruins in the vast Sumeru Desert. The achievement can be obtained in 2 ways, and both involve solving complex puzzles that are easy to get confused. In the guide, you will learn where to find the entrance to the underground ruins and how to get through them, as well as solve all the puzzles along the way.

How to get the achievement How Do You Write the Excavation Report in Genshin Impact

To get the achievement, it is enough to complete one of the two optional dungeons in the deserts of the Dendro region for the first time. Among those:

  • Ruins next to The Dune of Magma.
  • Ruins south of The Dune of Elusion.

Find the entrance to the ruins and look for a way out of them - the latter is the trigger for activating the achievement. Access to the second dungeon after passing the first one is not closed, it's just that the achievement will not appear again. You can choose the ruins to explore as you wish, we have provided walkthroughs for both.

Ruins next to The Dune of Magma

From the teleport at the entrance to Magma Dune, facing the pyramid, go around it on the left. On the surface you will see hermits guarding an unremarkable entrance.

In the first room of the ruins are ray cages. Rotate the source 2 times to open the door nearby. There is no point in going there yet, so go down the stairs.

On the stairs, meet a pedestal with Primal Ember #1. Take her to the main hall with 2 torches, bringing her to 1 of them. Also in the middle of the hall is a cell of eternal light: rotate it 2 times so that it emits light towards the still closed door. Leave the main hall and go back.

Return to the stairs to the very 1st room. Previously, a door with ray cells was printed here, which leads to an elevator. Use it and go down to the room with 1 cell of Eternal Light and 3 cells of Absorption.

A short list of activities in this room and the adjacent corridor:

  • Break the pot hiding one of the absorption cells.
  • Turn the cage of eternal light 1 time, towards the pedestal with Primordial Primal Ember #2.
  • Unlock Primal Ember.
  • Rotate the cage 2nd time, towards the door. She will open.
  • Guide Primal Ember #2 down the hallway to a pedestal conveniently located in front of the blades. Leave her there and run back to the cage.
  • Turn the cage 3rd time, towards the cabinet. This should disable the paddles preventing Primal Ember #2 from advancing.
  • Return to Primal Ember, continue to escort her up the stairs to the new room, and bring her to the torch.

In the new location, for successful escort, the player will receive an ordinary chest and a primordial luminary, which must be placed on a nearby replicator stone. This action will trigger an absorption cell. Connect 2 cells in the new room with a beam, after which the door to the main hall will open.

If the cell of eternal light in the main hall is turned towards the closed door (as suggested earlier), then it, after opening it, will automatically call the elevator. Rise upward.

The first visible object in the new room is the primordial luminary. Take it, run straight (east) by opening the door with the switch. This will loop the route and lead to the 1st room of the ruins itself. Use the luminary on the replicator stone, which will materialize Primal Ember #3.

Free Primal Ember #3, there will be a passage in the floor. Jump down with Primal Ember #3 and, once again in the main hall, bring it to the torch. The main locked door of the dungeon is open + a Exquisite chest is obtained.

Go into the room with the eremites who are looking at something in the corner, deal with them and find a hole in the floor. Plan down and find yourself in a room with pristine structures and a precious chest. Defeat the mechanisms, loot the reward and call the only available elevator (north).

On the way, capture Dendroculus and exit the ruins.

As soon as you press the door switch, the "How Do You Write the Excavation Report" achievement will appear on the game screen - provided that these ruins are completed first.


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