How to get the Snow-Tombed Starsilver

There are 8 stone tablets all over the Dragonspine, and they are pieces of a large puzzle. Only after finding all the plates does it become possible to get a unique two-handed blade - Snow-Tombed Starsilver, and along the way find out what really happened to the kingdom of Vindagnyr.

Where to find 8 Stone Tablets in Dragonspine in Genshin Impact

Scattered throughout Dragonspine are small slabs with golden inscriptions on them, which must be interacted with in order to activate. Six tablets are not protected by anything and are freely available, the seventh one is unlocked after completing the Ridge story quest, and to get the last one, you need to complete a hidden task. The location of all stone slabs is marked on the map.

Each slab has its own unique rune, which is marked on the stones in front of the mechanism that opens the door. They begin to glow when the sign corresponding to them is read. This allows you to find out which monuments still need to be found in order for the door to open.

After finding the last one, Paimon will say that it's time to return to the treasury.

First plate: mechanism at the door

The slab closest to the treasure chest is right in front of its door and activation mechanism.

Second plate: Snow-Covered Path

You can get to it if you teleport to the mark near the Frostbearing Tree and go to the reservoir in the east. On its shore there are snow-covered ruins with 4 torches, and between them there is a sign. This place must have been found on the way to the island where the test for getting the princess box is located.

Third tablet: Albedo Camp

Not far from the Albedo camp (teleport above the dungeon icon) there is a Ruin Grader standing on a cliff. You can find it near the ruins of the tower, there is the same plate. Defeating an enemy will also earn you an Exquisite chest.

Fourth tablet: Entombed City - Outskirts

Can be completed during the In the Mountains quest, as you need to get into a cave that is underground. If the tablet was not read during the quest, and there is already a Cryo Hypostasis in this area, then you won’t be able to get directly, you will have to go around, and the tablet will be right at the entrance.

Fifth tablet: Puzzles with Seelies and Candles of the Ruins

There is a small frozen area on the map south of the mountain lake. When approaching it, you can understand that this is a pool filled with water, in which the Ruin Grader sits, and at the top is a puzzle with two Warming Seelies. Seelie flies the whole circle, temporarily lighting candles on the way so that when she catches up with the second one, she starts her way in the opposite direction. To flush the water in the pool, it is enough to run half a circle behind the first fairy, it does not matter which side to start from.

After that, the second level of the puzzle will open with more difficult timing. You need to make three Seelie fly a circle so that all the candles are lit at the same time. You need to start from the one closest to the thresher and run counterclockwise to launch the creatures so that the candles do not go out during their flight. In fact, everything is simple - you just need to run next to them, without stopping and without switching to a sprint.

After unraveling, the automaton next wakes up and you need to defeat it. After the murder, a grate opens with three chests, one of which will contain a diary. If the quest "A Land Entombed" has not been started, it will be automatically accepted after receiving this book.

The plate is located under a piece of strange ice near a pile of stones, and in fact, to open it, you do not need to solve the second riddle, you just need to bring a piece of scarlet quartz, which is nearby.

Tablet 6: Ruin Grader in Starglow Cavern

You can find it on your way to the 8th plate. It is necessary to teleport to the mark under the Statue of the Seven and go up to the top of the cave along the "bridge", which will lead to a Warming Seelie on one of the upper tiers. You can follow her, as it flies to the site with a deactivated Ruin Grader, with whom it is not necessary to fight, since the plate is on the hill to the left of him.

Seventh Tablet: Peak of Vindagnyr

After completing the "In the Mountains" quest, you will have access to the "Peak of Vindagnyr" dungeon. The stone tablet is located right in front of the entrance to it.

Eighth tablet: secret door

After finding 3 boxes on the Dragonspine and opening the secret door, access to the last slab, located inside Vindagnyr's treasury, opens.

Why do we need Stone Tablets on the Dragonspine

The goal of finding all the tablets is the same - to get the Snow-Tombed Starsilver two-handed sword and the recipe for crafting it.

After all the plates have been read, you need to activate the door mechanism. Inside the treasury there is a luxurious chest with a crafting recipe and a crimson agate inside, and along the edges of the room there are 4 torches that need to be lit. This will trigger a cutscene and the blade itself will appear in the center of the room.

Glacial Steel Achievement in Genshin Impact

Retrieve the Snow-Tombed Starsilver from the cave and get the "Glacial Steel" achievement for 5 Primogems.

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