Delicious Riddle World Quest Guide

Delicious Riddle in Genshin Impact - a quest from the Dream Nursery: Aranyaka: Part II. During its completion in Sumeru, the Traveler will have to pass the test of one of the aranars at the Festival Utsava. Below is a detailed walkthrough for the Delicious Riddle quest: read to find out all the answers to Araesha's riddles.

To start the Delicious Riddle quest, you must complete the For A Better Reunion quest, which will lead the Traveler and Paimon to the Festival Utsava.

Delicious Riddle Questions and Answers

Araesha will be waiting for the Traveler on one of the residential platforms in the safe part of Vanarana sleep, in the northern part of the small reservoir. Having found the aranar, approach him and start a dialogue.

The main part of the quest will begin immediately after the hero agrees to take a mini test of wisdom.

Araesha Trial: First Riddle - Answer

Answer: Apple.

The first riddle is as follows: "Round and red and good to eat, it hangs on a tree, moist and sweet.". As soon as Araeshi finishes the phrase, the Traveler's Inventory will be displayed on the screen. Select an apple and click "Give".

Araesha Trial: Second Riddle - Answer

Answer: Viparyas.

The second riddle is as follows: "It exists in dreams and no other place, a must for Festival Utsava space". Select Viparyas from Inventory and give the flower to the aranara.

Araesha Trial: The Third Riddle - The Answer

Answer: Starshroom.

The third riddle is as follows: “There are stars in the sky, and it is on the land. Stars cannot see the sun, and it doesn't love the sun either." Araesha claims that not all aranars know the answer, but in the case of the Traveler, it is enough to select Starshroom from the inventory and give it to the wise resident of Vanarana.

As soon as all the riddles are solved, Araeshi will praise the hero for his intelligence and quick wit, and also offer friendship to the guest. After receiving the Flower of Araesha, the quest will be completed.


The following rewards can be obtained for completing the Delicious Riddle quest:

  • Flower of Araesha;
  • 100 adventure experience;
  • 20 primogems;
  • 10.000 mora.
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