Dar Al-Shifa Secret Cave And Hidden Achievement

Dar Al-Shifa Cave in Genshin Impact is a system of hidden passages under an abandoned hospital south of the village of Aaru, containing valuable treasures and a small history of the surviving "patient" of the hospital. To pass it completely, you need to explore underground tunnels, kill enemies and pick up chests.

Where to find the cave near the hospital

The rift leading to the cave is to the right of the entrance to the hospital building. When descending, you can pick up the Dendroculus.

How to get into the cave near the hospital

Go down and enter the first room. There is nothing important in it, all the treasures are in the following halls. Use the Elemental Sense (by default, the middle mouse button) to find blockages more easily. Against the background of the environment, destructible barriers are highlighted in white.

How to get through the cave in Dar Al-Shifa in Genshin Impact

The Dar Al-Shifa cave is a small system of corridors and halls. The room into which the Traveler descends at the beginning is only a passage and has no value for passing.

How to get to the second room: precious chest

Destroy the pile of rocks in the first room to get to the main hall of the cave. In the center, you will find a precious chest guarded by a group of Hilichurls and one Lawachurl.

An additional danger is posed by hilichurl archers, located on the towers on the right and left sides of the hall. You can get to them with the help of four-leaf symbols. Defeat opponents to unlock the reward and open the chest.

How to get to the third room: Exquisite chest

On the right, near the southern wall of the hall, you can find another pile of stones. Before you clear the passage, read the inscription on the right on the wall. It is not necessary to do this, the records only tell the story of people who escaped from the hospital.

In the third room you will find another chest and a group of Hilichurl opponents. To collect the reward, you will have to get rid of all the enemies in the hall.

How to get to the fourth room: Exquisite chest

To find the fourth room, you need to return to the previous room, where you fought with lavachurl. A pile of stones blocks another passage, slightly to the left of the first. Near the entrance to the corridor, you can read the second part of the survivor's messages.

Behind the barrier you will find another room with opponents and a rich chest. Clear the hall and take another reward.

How to get out of the cave

To leave the cave, return to the fourth room and go up the path on the left. The path will be blocked by another pile of stones, behind which is the last barrier that opens the way out.

In the corridor leading to the open world, you can read two more inscriptions of the survivor.

After the last pile of rocks is destroyed, a cutscene will play, pointing to a strange object outside.

Examine the hoe lying nearby to complete the passage of the cave and get the achievement Escape From the Hospital.

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