Achievement The End of the Corridor Genshin impact 3.1

The End of the Corridor in Genshin Impact is a hidden achievement in the Wonders of the World category and one of the hardest in the Sumeru deserts. Earned by finding and using 5 secret items in the right place.

Where is the secret room in the tomb of King Deshret

Teleport to the point opened as part of the passage of the quest The Secret of Al-Ahmar. Soar to the northwest to the stairs leading down to the door locked by the plinth of secret rites. Use the Scarlet Sand Slate and open the passage. Please note that this will require 4 symbols on the Slab. You can get them from the quest Dual Evidence.

Immediately turn left and go down the stairs to the locked door to the secret room. Beside it is a switch. This is the secret room.

How to enter the secret room at the bottom of King Deshret's tomb

Use the 5 Glinting Component quest items by pressing "Open" on the switch near the door. The passage will open, and inside the Traveler awaits:

  • Luxurious Chest
  • Primal Obelisk. His restoration of Sacred Seals will give a precious chest.


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