All Sumeru Desert Hidden Waypoints and How to Unlock

All Teleport Waypoints in Sumeru Desert of Genshin Impact

The screenshot above shows a map with all the teleports of the Sumeru Desert, excluding the Statues of The Seven, since they do not count towards the achievement Over Sandstorms and Mirages (I). In total, there are 26 points to move in the region:

  • 11 in the Hypostyle Desert.
  • 6 in the Land of Upper Setekh.
  • 9 in the Land of Lower Setekh.

Hidden Waypoint 1

The first teleport is located in the east of Pit Abju. It will be possible to open it as part of the world quest Lost in the Sands - the first "chapter" of the Golden Slumber chain. During the objective "Explore up ahead through the long corridor", the Traveler will pass into the archway, next to which there is a movement point.

Hidden Waypoint 2

The teleport can be opened in the process of completing the world quest Afratu’s Dilemma. When you try to break the seal during the "Continue exploring" objective, discover a waypoint near a huge root.

Hidden Waypoint 3

Teleport number 3 can be unlocked during the second quest in the Golden Slumber - An Introduction to Indoor Archeology chain. As part of the "Explore the lower level of Khemenu Temple" objective, you will find yourself at the fork in front of the tomb, where the portal is located.

Hidden Waypoint 4

The fourth teleport must be opened "manually". When you go deep into the ruins and look for Benben, you will find yourself on the edge of a cliff, right above the Fatui camp. Before entering the battle, activate the movement point.

Hidden Waypoint 5

Teleport number 5 will open automatically immediately after entering the tomb of King Deshret, before the battle with enemies.

Hidden Waypoint 6

Hidden teleport 6 can be opened as you progress through the Dual Evidence quest, when you find yourself in a huge room with cages and elemental totems. When you solve this puzzle in the "Follow the stone slate's guidance and obtain full clearance" step, you can climb up to the cave entrance and activate the waypoint.

Hidden Waypoint 7

This hidden Waypoint found inside The Mausoleum of King Deshret can only be accessed by increasing your Clearance Level by 1 to access Everlight Cells. You will encounter this Waypoint during the Secret of Al-ahmar World Quest.

Hidden Waypoint 8

This Teleport Waypoint will require you to unlock the Hidden Waypoint 9, which needs 1 Special Clearance level to access the Dune of Magma. Head East from the 9th Waypoint until you reach a room with a locked door.

Hidden Waypoint 9

This Waypoint can only be accessed after you gained 1 Special Clearance level to access the Dune of Magma. After entering the Ruin, solve the Primal Torch puzzle to access the underground area. Follow the tunnel north until you find a cavern with the Waypoint.

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