How to Use the Scarlet Sand Slate

Scarlet Sand Slate in Genshin Impact is a special tool that allows you to interact with the mechanisms in the ruins of King Deshret through power. After receiving the relic from Tirzad’s, the Traveler will have to explore the desert and upgrade the item to provide data to the scientist. 

How to get Scarlet Sand Slate?

The Traveler gets acquainted with the Scarlet Sand Slate tool through the Lost in the Sands quest from the Golden Slumber chain. The scientist Tirzad will give it for storage, and then completely transfer it for research. In the Inventory, the item is located in the Task tab.

What is the Scarlet Sand Slate for?

The Scarlet Sand Slate tool has Clearance Levels. This power allows you to control the mechanisms in the ruins of King Deshret. The more characters on a non-working device, the more places you will have to visit.

How to use Scarlet Sand Slate?

Open the Inventory on the Quest tab, select the Scarlet Sand Slate and click View to open its capabilities.

Marks Clearance Levels

The first section of the Slate, "Hidden Clearance", shows tutorials on working with the tool and all the mechanisms that are available at the current level of Clearance. Refer to the section if you forgot what to do with desert devices.

Tracks Ruin Progress

The second section, "The Supplicant's Steps", marks the ruins visited during the Golden Slumber and Old Notes and New Friends quest chains.

Locates Ruins

The Scarlet Sand Slate can also locate and provide paths to the hidden ruins. Select a Ruin from the Scarlet Sand Slate menu and it will mark the location in your map

How to increase Clearance Levels?

To increase Clearance Levels Scarlet Sand Slate, you need to interact with special mechanisms. You will have to find each of them during the quests from the Golden Slumber chain (starts with the Lost in the Sands quest) and the Dual Evidence quest. These missions in the desert will allow you to upgrade the Clearance Levels of the tool to the maximum level.

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